Saturday, June 19, 2010

Morose Cartoon films making our kids dumb!!!!!!

My daughter is a cartoon freak.
She is addicted to cartoons, just as any kid would be at her age. Every time there is a cartoon show she is just hooked on to the television like a couch potato to just watch her cartoon characters doing all sorts of antiques for her. What I find essentially in these cartoons is a lack of basic humor that our generation cartoons usually had. With due respect to the creators of such cartoon characters (mostly Chinese) I would like to make a statement that creativity cannot be mass manufactured as it is a process that involves a lot of thinking and then subsequent implementation on the lines of the thought process. This chain of events is grossly messed up when somebody is in a race of producing more lot in a stipulated amount of time given. I believe like this you can produce cars, chips or even electronics but intelligent program production needs a kind of thought process which is distinct for each program.

I am referring to shows like “Ninja Hathodi”, “Shin-Chan” which are cartoons but fail to titillate humor in you. The shows are just morose narrations of some comic strips which have to be done in a half an hour slot. Most of the shows are marketed well but have very low on the content value. My previous blog was about the shows that are actually killing the interest of the television viewer. However, this problem is much more serious, as it is making a negative impact on the overall sense of humor development of one’s child. I remember in my days, when I was a kid we used to have cartoons like tom and jerry and Bugs bunny. The thought of these shows even can get me into a laugh riot. Even today when I watch Tom and Jerry I really laugh just in the same way I used to when I was a kid. Same is the reaction when I see the antiques of the great Bugs Bunny. The characters are immortal.

One thing I learnt also from these shows; Cartoons are not only for kids, they are actually also for the purpose of bringing out the kid inside you. This sole purpose is achieved by the earlier generation cartoons, which used to bring out the kid also in adults. However, in today’s times there are not much animated classics created on the lines of Looney tunes and Tom and Jerry. The animated films are high on technology (may-be), however the concept and the content have totally gone for a toss. This is because of the fact that the present generation Cartoon films do not have a purpose like the earlier generation had. The sole objective is to fill a time-slot in a channel and to generate TRPs. Such kind of shows don’t last longer and the evidence lies in the fact that when I ask my daughter as to what did the great “Ninja-Hathodi” do yesterday, she is not able to recall, but I am still able to recall most of the animated classics of Warner Bros (looney tunes) and MGM (Tom and Jerry).

I would like to stress on this fact that our kids are our future. If we want to see them sharp and want to help them grow up healthy by mind, we have to prevent them from watching such morose cartoon shows. They are the worst kinds of enemies that you can introduce your children to.

Moral of the story: A cartoon film without humor and content is useless for your kids. Despise them.

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