Monday, June 20, 2011

Computers....From a machine to a part of life

It was the mid nineties when I was first exposed to the world of computers. There was much of inquisitiveness as to how this new machine that claims to change the life of every human being would actually look like. I had seen a lot of computers on the television but never had seen one in the real life. I was really excited. When our teacher took me to the computer LAB I could see three very salient features of this magic-machine, a television screen, a box, and a typewriter like keyboard. I wondered, it would be very easy to make such a thing and could be also made in our home. Just connect the TV to the keyboard and get to know how the box is. I was very good in mathematics so I often thought that what would be the reason that in order to do calculations which were very efficiently done in the ledgers one would use this machine? I was really surprised when I got to operate with that machine.

Since that day the computer has never left me. In some ways or another I have been using it and also getting inspired by it. Some days I even wondered whether the humans made a Frankenstein in the name of computer and then I think as to what the world would be today without it. A computer is actually a style statement today. Gone are the days when you had a computer like a three piece suite. Today it is more designed, compact and more stylish. We have technologies like touch and voice sensing in our computing devices which actually help us more to brag about it than to actually use it. Today a computer has gone beyond the boundaries of computing. It is used in designing, co-relating and is used in every field that you can think about. From the counters of the banks this machine has made its way to the movie studios, to the railway stations, to the schools, to the nearest grocery shop and even to our homes to be of a household help. The computer is now a source of satiation of one’s emotional needs in the form of social networking and friendship sites. It is also a source of entertainment as well as a device that brings you more closely to the finest educational institution that would actually provide you with the best possible courses right at your fingertips.

For an engineer the processing capability is a high point whereas for a fashion designer and a movie editor it is the display. If we ask a librarian then it is the storage capacity that brings a smile on his face. Different parts of this machine and its different capabilities actually appeal to several professions. And when they do so it is essential to also have a different physical look for their machines because this is how things would work better internally and externally. When I saw the advertisement of Dell, this requirement was met because over here now you could actually change the look of your gadgets based on your mood, clothes as well as profession.

Today as I write this from my laptop I still recall that day when I saw the computer for the first time….didn’t love it then…..but slowly fell in love with it later.