Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lyrical & Journal - SHAM(E)

26/11/2008, very few Mumbaikars would forget this date in their lives. This was a date that really changed our perceptions on the security system and made us aware that under the present system we are nothing but "sitting ducks". The zeal lasted for few days. There were candle-lit marches. Peaceful protests were done and people resolved to take their anger out in the upcoming elections. It was a different thing that the same government marched into power because there was no other suitable alternative to them. However, amidst this atmosphere of anger and frustration there were some people who were planning to encash the most.

I am talking about a very famous lyric writer who wrote poem depicting the frustration and anger in the people post 26/11. His words resonated a sense of deep anger for the system and admonishment for the enemies of our countries (who however have always been warned by words). There was a resolution that there would be no ties with Pakistan in any sense till the perpetrators of this gruesome attacks were brought to justice in their court of law.

However, just after 1 and a half years a prominent newspaper comes out with the Idea of "Aman ki Aasha". This was supposed to be a friendship endeavor with Pakistan, leaving apart the many attacks that the country has done on our sovereignty. The same lyricists now write poems in the honor of Pakistan. They hold hands with the pakistani poets and sing songs of friedship with that ungrateful nation and their denizens. They forget all the pain that we just had one and a half years ago. The pakistani poets, needless to say, got the footage in India that they seldom get in Pakistan and enjoyed every bit of it.

This is not the end. The objective of this event was to develop good relations with Pakistan inspite of all the troubles. The result just after four days of this cozy event you have a Bomb Blast in Pune, involving Pakistani hand.

My question to the lyricists are.

Would they be now writing new Poems admonishing pakistan again? A newer version to the 26/11 poems may be.

My question to the newspaper is.

Now that "Aman ki Aasha" has proved to be a disaster and totally bombed, are they again going to launch their "Enough is Enough" campaign to increase sales?

My question to the people is

Why to we need to have multiple evidences to ostracize a barbaric nation? Why do we get influenced by these newspapers and lyricists and forget our own pain?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is our sacrosanct home minister seeing this?

Honorable Home Minister Shri R R Patil came up with this wonderful idea of banning dance-bars in Mumbai. Sacrosanct as he was in his intentions, the situation is however different. Patil said "I will not let Mumbai turn into a brothel". Stern resolution coming from a very stern man. However, Mumbai, now free of the Dance-Bar nuisance is slowly but steadily adapting the idea of electronic prostitution. Teenage and youth promiscuity is being broadcasted openly by a very TRP rich program by the name of "Emotional Atyaachaar".

The program Airs on the Bindass channel every Friday at 7:00 PM. People who are not aware of the program, just to give a gist, this is a show where a Girl (most of the times) allegedly approaches the channel to do a Loyalty test on her boy-friend. The channel immediately reciprocates to her unscrupulous demands by planting a plethora of hidden cameras and luring her boyfriend into a malicious trap. They plant a so called agent, who would seduce the boyfriend into doing something amoral and prurient, which would be filmed by the hidden cameras and shown to the girlfriend. Then the girlfriend after seeing the steamy footages would berate the boyfriend and thus we will have an end to a love story.

The question over here is how different is the girl who is seducing the boyfriend from a bar-dancer or any one of that nature? The love story has ended fine but what about the blatant act of seduction (read prostitution) being shown on the television and being watched by so many people? Didn't Patil give a second thought on banning this program? How can somebody allow such a thing to be designed and developed in Mumbai? What about the right to privacy of the boyfriend? He is not informed that he is being shot. Only the consent is taken from his girlfriend which is legally bizarre.

The information and broadcasting ministry allows such acts of lechery to be done in National Television and the oh so sacrosanct home minister of the state actually doesn't do a thing to stop such programs.

I know many people would have mixed feelings about this blog. For many of us the show is just "bloody-entertainment". But please think at what cost. At the cost of someones dignity and pride. Think about the girl who is being planted. She loses her reputation everywhere and becomes no more than a whore.