Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mumbai!!! The capital of wastage.....

There was an article long back in the Mumbai Mirror that how much resources are actually wasted by the maximum-city. The article was a thought rendering insight on the callous attitude of Mumbaikars to the things that are easily available to them, and was an alarming forecast of a gory reality that every Mumbaikar could face in the future. It is not very difficult to understand that the way the city is growing and the way the demands of infrastructure are rising there is soon going to be a scarcity of essential resources. Water-problems have become a harsh reality for the lives of many Mumbaikars now, except for some privileged ones who waste the people’s money in the Mantralay. I was wondering that for a city that is so fast, so time managed and so much programmed how can this problem ever arise? There are so many ways the Mumbaikar rises to the occasion and emerges as a victorious contender to any competitive scenario. Then why on earth does the same Mumbaikar succumb to scarcity problems and gives in to a life of adjustment.
I believe, the major reason is due to the fact that Mumbai, though a very sensible city is actually having this vice of wasting resources. I had been to Carter Rd today after a long time with my wife and kid to have some good time and coffee in the CCD, however what I saw was really shocking. The sensible houses over there have their lights on unnecessarily and that too on all the floors. One of the houses over there, which I believe, belongs to a very famous actorin our country had all the lights fully on eventhough the fact was that he was not at home at all. Yes, I must be the first crazy person in this country to have asked the watchman of a star’s house whether he was there or not; not to actually meet him, but to understand whether the turned on lights were that due to necessity of lights inside the house or utter wastage. I could understand one fact that, the lights inside the house were only turned on in order to assert the fact that this was a star’s house. This is what bothers me most. I agree that there are some people who have some privileges in life, but what is the actual need to make a public display of this privilege by wasting natural resource. Some of my friends would easily term my ideals to be more of a Marxist nature, I would like to tell them that I am as capitalist as they are. I am also for the ideology that reveres the person who is hardworking and deserving by substantial financial compensation. I am also not crossed about the idea that why actors in this country earn even more that the farmers, who are actually feeding the country, actors included. In some offices the terrace-lights are on the whole night, just because it adds a kind of show to the building, or helps them shadow-brand their products by keeping the lights on. These are actually signs of insensible capitalism and mindless freedom given to the people that even allow the vice of wasting in its own stride and capacity.
Mumbai has the highest rainfall in the western region. There are cases where the city has been flooded due to the effect of rains and the rain has really plaid a demon to the lives of God-Fearing Mumbaikar. Every year there are floods, but the question is; where is the method to actually conserve water in these floods and save it for the time we need? I am sure this aspect has not been thought/ analyzed by the civic body. I never saw any apartment or society in Mumbai having seriously implemented the idea of rain-water harvesting. If this would have been implemented on a serious note then no society would have had to face the water scarcity that is looming over Mumbai now. The civic authorities of Mumbai, the mayor, the collector are actually oblivious to the ways of conserving natural resources for the maximum city. It is very astonishing that a civic body, whose budget is bigger than 7 states in this country is actually not educated/aware of such a creative policy of conservation. Probably this happens when merit actually takes a hit in selection of people who will rule on the hapless denizens of this city. There is no clarity from the civic body and every day the spirited Mumbaikar would also have to think how to make both ends meet. The common Mumbaikar cannot make efforts to conserve and all his endeavors to do so are actually pulverized by such uneducated rulers that actually rule over them.
Mumbai, is not only a city, but also is a hope for many people who come to this city to fulfill their dreams. However, today any outsider can perceive the fact that Mumbai is a capital of wastage and nothing else. From electricity to water every natural resource is being wasted here. Yes the Mumbaikar pays a lot for these services that he gets, but then paying alone doesn’t obscure any kind of responsibilities that he has towards the society. Let us pledge today that we would never want to waste any kind of natural resources given to us in whatever proportions that may seem to be. It is a question for a worthy living which I believe everyone sitting in Mumbai would give a thought too.

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