Monday, May 24, 2010

Global Warming!!!Common man feels the heat.

Just recently I came back from Gujarat and well what to say it was a great experience. I have a part of Gujarat in me and it always feels great to be over there, taking a break from my schedule, I may not call it busy but definitely hectic and important. Gujarat, greets me like a mother, and takes me in her laps and pacifies me with selfless encouragement. However, during summer, the maternal instincts of Gujarat for me are somehow concealed to some extent due to the extreme rage that she generates by means of heat. Summer heat in Gujarat this time was 49 degree celsius, technically 5 degrees above last year but practically speaking unbearable and unbelievable.

I had read somewhere that the world is warming up. For a country like India, laid-back and ruled by geriatric policies, this warming up metaphorically may have meant a great deal of hope for the younger generation who always need a cause to charge themselves up. However, this was not so. Global warming, was not a matter of joke anymore, and this had really knocked the heads out of the common man like me. If somebody reffers to the meteorological records of Gujarat then he/she will find that every year the maximum temperature of Gujarat since the year 2003 has risen consistently by and average of approximately 1 degree celsius. By this calculation, I mean that in 2003 the maximum temperature that Gujarat recorded was 43 degree celsius and this time after 7 years the mecury has almost scored half a century. Not only that from 2003 Gujarat has been able to break this record every year with a very good perfection. This time I really felt the heat of Gujarat, not only in my body but also in my soul. I could not digest the fact that how a state is consistently beating the records of the mercury-rise in good stride an the people are adjusting to this. I tried to find out some reasons for this.

1. Excessive use of non-renewable resources:

Gujarat is a state that is extremely enterprising and very prosperous. It is a state that technically lies in one of the states that receive very low rainfall. The state is swarmed by busnessmen and their kins, who have more money to spend than time to think. Even for purchasing milk from the shop nearby, the person doesn't hesitate in using his sedan which is actually a fuel guzzler and a great carbon emmitter. Most of the houses have more than one Air Conditioners which are turned on almost for the whole day. The rate of power is much less than it is in other parts of India and so there is very less stress on power consumption, which is actually leading to greater emmission factors.

2. Vicious Circle of Air Conditioners:

Come summer and there will be hoardes of scheme for the purchase of new air conditioners. People are attracted immensely to such schemes and good marketing has transformed the Air Conditioner from an item of luxury to a commodity of necessity. More and more families by AC, they install it and these devices generate more heat to contribute in a great way to the emmission share. This generous contribution increases the global warming factor and thus the temperature increases. Time now to sell a new kind of AC to avoid this confusion. Thus the people get an opportunity and the agenda of prevention of
Global Warming goes for a toss.

For the first time in my life I saw my mother (Gujarat) fuming in a great deal. But who is to blame for these scenarios. Please give your suggestions for the same.;

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