Monday, March 8, 2010

Women's reservation 33% in parliament

On the auspicious and very august occasion of International Women's day, Indian democracy staged another stupid play of tabling the women's Reservation Bill in the parliament upper house. In a way the bill is really a farce. This is another way of dynasty politics to come into play. Now we will see more wives and daughters sitting in the parliament while the husbands and the fathers are doing other things to make money.

The political lobby gets a kind of convinience to remote-represent heavy weight candidates by their wives and daughters.

Regarding the sanctity of women's reservation, I have just one thing to say.

Women are shouting on the top of their voice that they are equal to men in all respects. If this is the case then what is the logic for taking a reservation. Take the instance of Indira Gandhi, or Sonia Gandhi or Shushma Swaraj; these people didn't need any kind of reservation to make their mark in the political scenario, so why now? Has the Indian womanhood lost the sheen that it had earlier? Doesn't the fairer sex know how to compete in a healthy way without making excuses of handicaps?

Reservation is something like this "Accept that women are equal to men but at the same time because they are women so give them a handicap."

Is this the way, we will see progress now?


  1. I completely agree with your views. This Bill is utter stupidity and those parties which are supporting this, are doing so only for their own personal agenda and motives.

    I've also written a article on the same topic. Please do check it out:

  2. nothing truly progressive can happen in this country only by giving birth to new qoutas and reservations until we genuinely feel the need of women empowerment.and once we realise it there wud be no necessities of doling them out with some freaky reservations...check out
    and leave a msg out there for me...

  3. Your post hardly has any reason and just your personal opinion. Read this for some perspective.

  4. Well I must say.. I do not agree that this bill is stupidity.

    I was eagerly waiting for this bill to pass. The bill is historic and will see more clean parliamentarians coming into parliament.

    Of course only time will tell.

  5. I am afraid to see not even a single woman who is interested to post their comment on this topic.
    Why women are lagging behind while discussing such topics