Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Inflation .......... only at 4%

This is what the Honble Finance minister announced during the budget session. Well who can debate that. So now let us understand how this inflation, which we believe is much more than the figure above, comes to this rate.

Govt increases the prices of Vegetables, Pulses and Cereals by 80%. It increases the prices of petroleum products by 5% and so on. So whatever you want to buy is atleast 35% expensive on an average in the era of 4% inflation. So what has gone down to make this 4%?

Prices of Bauxite, Iron Ore, Phosphorus, Hydrochloric Acid have drastically been slashed?

See!!! This is a wonderful thing to happen???? Wow, isn't this exciting.

Come to my house and we shall have "Bauxite Biryani" or tell your girlfriend that we are going to a candlelit restaurant that would serve "Phosphorus Sizzlers in hydrochloric acid sauce".

Just to think of it, to do all this nonsense the Finance ministers
1. Get degrees from Harvard/Wharton/Cambridge.
2. Get PhDs from various institutions.
3. Get votes from stupid people like us.
4. Get a lot of money from the govt exchequer.

So, while people like you and me eat dust and live rich people like Tata and Ambanis get raw material cheap for their industries to prosper.

Very right "Congress ka Haath, Aam aadmi ke saath" but it is only to slap the Aam Aadmi.

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