Saturday, August 28, 2010

MNS ......sometimes they are right!!!!

Over the years there has been a brow-ha-ha over the acts and means of MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena). While I feel that there is some kind of depth in the opposition that the people are doing for the MNS but it is only the one side of the story. There are many people who might find the ways of MNS to be a little on the assertive side or probably un-constitutional. However, having said that there is a bit of logic or sanity towards the objective of MNS however. This, I even say, being a migrant to Mumbai and staying in this great city for a long long time. So, why am I saying this? Why today when the whole of the nation and especially the educated lot is being censure about the ways and means of the MNS, why all of a sudden I am trying to focus them as sacrosanct? This would be one of the major questions that anybody and everybody would ask.

Let us address this issue then step by step.

MNS doesn’t target the educated migrant class unless provoked:
What I see from the history of the agitations that the MNS has been doing so far that they have seldom targeted the educated migrant class unless provoked. I am a migrant, working in Mumbai for my living. Honestly speaking over the years I am over here and being here since the inception of this political outfit, I have not seen the party posing threat on my existence in this city. Yes, I do get a bit disturbed when public property is vandalized and the processes are sent helter-skelter, however this doesn’t in anyway affect my personal existence and to be very honest, this is not the only party that is doing these things. There are parties, who appear to be very disciplined but are actually perpetrating more insecurity among the people in this city and trying to jeopardize public peace at the cost of public money. My comments are not reserved for them in any ways.

MNS is not against the migrants they are against the people who are creating a political imbalance:
Let us take an example for this. You are staying in a house and the guest comes in; you are happy to entertain him and shower your hospitalities on him. If this is not a guest and is a tenant you are very kind enough to give him shelter in lieu of money. However, you feel really intimidated when the tenant actually wants to be a part of your house-hold and tries to involve in all the aspects and decision of your house which is your own. Today this is what is happening in Mumbai. A part of the political lobby is bringing people from some part of the country promising them rickshaws and taxis and then immediately getting their votes and thus seats. This policy is creating a political imbalance in a city which is essentially a part of Maharashtra. Of course the actions taken by MNS may be regarded as un-constitutional, but so were the actions taken by freedom fighters regarded when the freedom struggle was on.

Let us understand one thing that we have unity in diversity, so what needs to be respected is both the unity and also the diversity that we have. It is perfectly ok for a non maharashtrian to setup base in Maharashtra and strive for self growth, but what is not ok is the fact that a lobby of migrants encroaching the political space of Maharashtra. This definitely creates a sense of insecurity which is prevalent especially in Mumbai and not in other metros. Let is keep this thing also in mind that in other cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad etc though there is enough space for cosmopolitan thoughts to germinate the essence of the political sphere is very local and very resident. There the politician lobby doesn’t consist of a huge migrant population, which is prevalent in Mumbai.

The very essence of having different states was actually to respect the kind of diversity India has and thus to maintain the regional representations for different provinces. Any party that sees this basic thought process being violated by some loop-holes in our constitution is ought to raise its voice against this and so it is being done by the MNS. Having said that; I also agree that the medium of protest should be tactical and within the framework of the constitution so that there is a solution to this problem by amicable means. Beating up people and damaging public property is definitely not the option.

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