Saturday, April 10, 2010

After the Attack ALL IZZ WELL

Three to four days back there was this news of a gruesome attack done by the Maoists on our CRPF personnels in Dantewaada. The news shook the whole nation. I personally felt that we are actually nurturing terrorists in our own backyard. Of-late only two kinds of people used to get a kind of footage for such activities a) Islamic terrorists b) The MNS vandals. However now we have a group that was almost ignored by the news channels before of their activities but now they are in the limelight for their recent demonstration of Barbary.
Dantewaada was an incident that should have opened the eyes of our administration, one more time though, as to how vulnerable we are. In a nation of a billion we are, if not more, nurturing a million people with malicious intentions towards our sovereignty. It is so ironical that the country that actually achieved political independence (and I would only say political) by non violent means is seeing so much of violence in the post independence era. Our administration is in a denial mode and is repeating the famous lines “All IZZ WELL”, however this is only decreasing the fright for a moment and then again it re-surfaces in some or the other ways. The example of lax administration was this news piece which I just read.

The news piece says that the Maoists have attacked once more after the gruesome dantewaada episode and killed two more persons. Chidambaram was very vocal in his statement the day before however, he is a man of words and not of action. The Maoists acted and the repercussions are really felt in a strong way.
The question is that how can the system be so ignorant. How can a system that functions with the money of at least 55 million tax payers, be a sitting duck for a group of tribals having sophisticated weapons? Is your money being used in a proper way? Forget about the fact that it is being used in our development or not, but whether it is being used judiciously to give us good safety or not that itself is a primary question. Like everytime, after every attack the government has let us down, and because this govt doesn’t have any substantial opposition so there is nothing we can do.
करने के लिए कुछ ज्यादा तो हैं नहीं क्योंकि यह एक प्रजातंत्र का मज़ाक हैं

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